The 1992 Fund is currently dealing with claims and/or recourse actions in respect of 12 incidents.  These 12 ‘open’ incidents can be viewed on the map below.  To access further details please select an incident directly on the map or via the selection list.  A detailed incident report for each open incident and a number of recently closed incidents can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF. Updated sections are clearly indicated and previous versions of the report are available to download via an archive.  In total, since their establishment in 1978, the IOPC Funds have dealt with 149 incidents. The 137 ‘closed’ incidents can also be viewed on the map.  Incidents may also be viewed by region and/or by Fund. 

Open incidents
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  • Date of incident
  • Place of incident
  • Cause of incident
  • Quantity of spill (tonnes)
  • Area affected
  • Flag State of ship
  • Gross tonnage
  • P&I insurer
  • CLC limit
  • STOPIA/TOPIA applicable
  • CLC + Fund limit
  • Compensation paid
  • Indemnification paid
  • Year last featured in Annual/Incident Report



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