External Relations and Conference Department

The External Relations and Conference Department comprises the Head of Department, the Information Officer, the External Relations and Conference Coordinator, the Translation Coordinator, three Associate Editors, and the External Relations and Conference Assistant.

The Department is responsible for external relations activities, including contacts with Member and non-Member States and other interested parties. Members of the Department participate in seminars worldwide to promote the understanding of the international liability and compensation regime and the entry into force of the 2010 HNS Convention. The Department is also responsible for managing public information including publications, websites and online services and the provision of conference services for the meetings of the Funds. The Department also translates and produces all of the Funds’ documents, publications and online services in the three official languages of the IOPC Funds (English, French and Spanish).

External Relations and Conference Department

  • Thomas Liebert
    Thomas Liebert
    Head of Department

  • Victoria Turner
    Victoria Turner
    Information Officer

  • Julia Sukan del Rio
    Julia Sukan del Rio
    External Relations & Conference Coordinator

  • Sylvie Legidos
    Sylvie Legidos
    Translation Coordinator

  • María Alonso Romero
    María Alonso Romero
    Associate Editor (Spanish)

  • Johana Lanzeray
    Johana Lanzeray
    Associate Editor (French)

  • Mariana Saúl
    Mariana Saúl
    Associate Editor (Spanish)