Finance and Administration Department

The Finance and Administration Department comprises the Head of Department, the Finance Manager, supported by three Finance Assistants and the Oil Reporting Administrator, the HR Manager, the Office Manager, supported by the IT/Administrative Assistant and the IT Manager and IT Officer. The Head of Department is also the Deputy Director of the organisation. 

The Department is responsible for the collection of reports of contributing oil from Member States, and provides the necessary management planning and oversight in the areas of budget, finance, the levying of contributions, human resource management, information technology, procurement and general services. The Department also provides accurate and detailed information on its area of responsibility to the governing bodies and other interested parties.

Finance and Administration Department

  • Ranjit Pillai
    Ranjit Pillai
    Deputy Director/Head of Department

  • Robert Owen
    Robert Owen
    IT Manager

  • Claire Montgomery
    Claire Montgomery
    Finance Manager

  • Julia Shaw
    Julia Shaw
    Human Resources Manager

  • Modesto Zotti
    Modesto Zotti
    Office Manager

  • Stuart Colman
    Stuart Colman
    IT Officer

  • Elisabeth Galobardes
    Elisabeth Galobardes
    Finance Assistant

  • Kathy McBride
    Kathy McBride
    Finance Assistant

  • Marina Singh
    Marina Singh
    Finance Assistant

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis
    IT/Administrative Assistant

  • Sarah Hayton
    Sarah Hayton
    Oil Reporting Administrator