In accordance with the relevant Rules of Procedure, the election of Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen takes place annually at the regular autumn sessions of the 1992 Fund Assembly, Supplementary Fund Assembly and 1992 Fund Executive Committee. Whereas the terms of office of the Chairmen of the Assemblies and the Administrative Councils are not subject to a limited time, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee are limited to a maximum term of two years.

With regard to intersessional working groups, the Chairman is usually agreed upon by the Assembly immediately following its decision to establish such a group and the Chairman remains in that position until the Group finalises its work.

1992 Fund Assembly

  • Gaute Sivertsen
    Gaute Sivertsen

    Chairman of the 1992 Fund Assembly since October 2011 and former Chairman of the 1992 Fund Executive Committee (2000-2002), Mr Sivertsen has been Head of the Norwegian Delegation to the IOPC Fund meetings since 1993He has a Law-degree from University of Oslo and has worked with shipping and legal issues both in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, where he is currently Deputy Director General of the Maritime Department, responsible for the overall coordination of IOPC Fund and IMO issues, maritime safety, legal and security affairs.

  • Tomotaka Fujita
    Tomotaka Fujita
    First Vice-Chairman

  • Samuel Roger Minkeng
    Samuel Roger Minkeng
    Second Vice-Chairman

1992 Fund Executive Committee

  • Ambassador Antonio Bandini
    Ambassador Antonio Bandini

    Chairman of the 1992 Fund Executive Committee since October 2017, Ambassador Bandini has participated in IOPC Funds meetings since October 2013. A former Navy Lieutenant with a degree in law and a postgraduate diploma in diplomatic studies, he held many postings during his time with the Foreign service and has also held many senior positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as representative of Italy to various UN bodies and at the OECD in Paris. Ambassador Bandini was the coordinator for Maritime Affairs and for Implementation of IMO Conventions at the Ministry and is currently coordinator of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for IOPC Funds, in the Prime Minister’s Office.

  • Captain K.P.  Jayakumar
    Captain K.P. Jayakumar

Supplementary Fund Assembly

  • Sung-Bum Kim
    Sung-Bum Kim
    (Republic of Korea)

    Chairman of the Supplementary Fund Assembly since October 2011 and member of the delegation of the Republic of Korea since October 2010.  Mr Kim, Director of the Seafarers and Labour Policies Division of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) has been working for the Korean Government since 1994, and joined the Hebei Spirit Task Force in 2010. He has a Master’s Degree in Marine Affairs and has also worked for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a Senior Policy Analyst in marine and fisheries issues. 

  • Andrew  Angel
    Andrew Angel
    United Kingdom
    First Vice-Chairman

  • Emre Dinçer
    Emre Dinçer
    Second Vice-Chairman