Upcoming Events

  • Joint exhibition to mark 50 years working together
    until Jul

    Joint exhibition to mark 50 years working together

    Venue: IMO Building, London, United Kingdom, 16/01/2017

    The IOPC Funds has collaborated with IMO, ITOPF and other industry organisations to produce an exhibition to mark the achievements of the international community over the past 50 years to achieve a dramatic and sustained reduction in major oil spills from ships; to establish effective systems for preparedness and response if there is an incident; and to create a comprehensive mechanism for providing compensation. This exhibition was launched at the meeting of the IMO Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response at the IMO building in London on 16 January 2017 and is expected to remain on display at IMO until July 2017.  An online version of the exhibition is available here

  • Meetings of the IOPC Funds' governing bodies
    30 Oct

    Meetings of the IOPC Funds' governing bodies

    Venue: London, United Kingdom , 30/10/2017

    The next regular sessions of the IOPC Funds' governing bodies will take place during the week of 30 October 2017. Please note that these dates differ to those originally agreed in October 2016, as announced in circular IOPC/2017/Circ.4. Circulars containing the invitation and provisional agenda will be issued nearer the time. Further information can be found here.

  • Interspill 2018
    13 Mar

    Interspill 2018

    Venue: Excel, London, United Kingdom, 13/03/2018

    Interspill 2018, the European oil spill conference and exhibition, will take place at Excel, in London over 13-15 March 2018. Being a member of the organising committee, the IOPC Funds' Secretariat will be involved in the organisation of the event and will also have a stand providing information on the work of the organisation as well as guidance on the claims process and admissibility criteria. Interspill 2018 will be preceded by a small number of training course. Further information can be found here